The Band is Coming Together Pretty Nicely

Of course it is not like we have much else to do. All five of us are living on this farm on Pleasant Ridge Road. At some point they are going to sell the place and chop it up to build about twenty little houses, but for now they are renting us the place with no lease. There is a nice old barn where we rehearse and it is not like we can bother many people out here. Jack is talking about whether or not we should buy Soundcloud downloads. We have a pretty good page set up and it contains about six or seven hours of live music. About a third of that is original material, although some of it was played by other bands that one of us was involved with. Jaime and I have been writing pretty much every day, although she is difficult to get along with at times. In fact it seems that some of the best work comes when we are on each other’s nerves.

Jaime is not really that happy living with the rest of us, which is not surprising since she is a bit of a neat freak and the guys, myself included, tend to leave our messes until they are too big to ignore. I usually clean up the kitchen when I have no choice in the matter, when I am trying to do something and it can not be done because there is too big of a mess in the way. Of course you can not use the sink when it is full of dirty dishes. There have been a couple of fights, but nothing major. It never got too much past shouting and it was all forgotten before we went back to rehearse. All of the shows we’ve done were really tight.

Info on Scholarship Resources, Financial Aid, and Grants

It is without a doubt that college tuition and other related expenses are continuously on the rise. For many students and parents, it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to afford all of the costs associated with getting a top-notch college education. Nonetheless, there are a variety of options that students and families can use in order to afford school. Whether its scholarships, financial aid or student loans, here is a comprehensive overview of different ways parents and students can get financial assistance.


Getting a scholarship or fellowship is perhaps the most common method that students can use to help pay for school. Usually these financial awards are based on merit such as academics. However, there are many scholarships and fellowships available for those who are ethnic minorities, women, religious minorities and other groups of individuals who generally have had to face mounting barriers to receive an education. There are also a variety of fellowships available to those who plan on entering a in-demand career such as education or engineering. Thankfully now we have plenty of resources to find information on a wide range of opportunities based on your unique set of circumstances. There are many on-line resources that will give students and parents the ability search different education-based financial awards to help pay for college.

Financial Professionals Are on the Front Lines in the Fight Against Financial Elder Abuse

A Wells Fargo financial professional recently helped to save a client from losing money in a scam targeting senior citizens. The 78-year old client thought that he won an overseas lottery. Instead, he became a victim of financial elder abuse via a typical lottery scam. The Wells Fargo professional prevented money from being sent offshore, however money from another bank was sent out. San Francisco financial elder abuse attorneys warn senior citizens that lottery scams are abundant. California elder abuse attorneys warn the public not to fall for lottery scams.

In this case, the senior citizen victim was contacted by unknown individuals claiming to be from the Costa Rican lottery. They told the senior citizen that he had won the lottery and that he could collect a $5 million payout. Then they told the senior citizen victim that there were some formalities and that they would need some personal information to verify his identity. Additionally, they told him that he needed to send money to pay off various taxes and fees associated with the money he had won. The senior citizen victim then went to one of his banks and transferred $88,000 to an offshore account. California financial elder abuse attorneys warn seniors not to transfer money overseas. San Francisco financial elder abuse attorneys say that sending money to offshore accounts is a very risky proposition.

Next, the senior citizen victim went to his Wells Fargo Bank and attempted to set up another transfer of $50,000 to an offshore account. This time the senior citizen got lucky. The Wells Fargo financial professional knew immediately that something was wrong and refused to go forward with the transfer. Since the senior citizen client was convinced that he was one transfer away from getting $5 million, there was an unpleasant exchange between the financial professional and the senior citizen. At that point, the financial advisor contacted the family of the senior and they helped convince him that it was a scam. The financial advisor helped prevent further financial elder abuse by refusing to transfer the money. San Francisco financial elder abuse attorneys say that financial professionals can play a role in the battle against financial elder abuse.

The Main Advantages of Women Financial Advisors

During a forum back in 2010, then president of Citi Personal Banking and Wealth Management said that America would never have experienced the 2008 financial crisis if it was the Lehman Sisters and not the Lehman Brothers.

That being said, the financial services industry is still undoubtedly a man’s world. Based on a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 31% of financial advisors in the US are women, which means almost 8 out of 10 financial brokers and consultants are men. This is contraindicative to the recent findings of a research done by Pershing, a financial consultancy firm under the BNY Mellon group, which revealed a projected rise in demand for women financial advisors.

From the standpoint of financial advisor recruiters, this is a simple economic situation – high demand and low supply equals a lot of opportunities. If you’re a woman in the financial industry, this is a great time to look for better jobs and greener pastures. In doing so, it pays to know what your main advantages are over your male counterparts. This would allow you to strongly position yourself during job interviews.

Director’s Financial Responsibilities

The new Association director is often thrust into the job with little idea of what his or her duties and responsibilities are, other than the conceptual knowledge that s/he is obligated to serve in the best interest of the Association. Unless s/he has been an active member of CAI (which is not likely if s/he is a first-time director), s/he is not even aware of the educational resources that are available for guidance in learning what a director’s responsibilities are. Further, many directors serve only a one-year term and therefore have little incentive to go through the effort of getting the education necessary for performing their job, since their term will be completed before they can even begin to learn everything they should know.

The purpose of this article is to attempt to provide guidance to the director on his or her financial responsibilities. The most important rule with respect to financial transactions is that they should be well-documented. While the Association may produce monthly financial statements and an annual budget, it is also important to document (preferably in the minutes of the Board of Directors) the following types of financial decisions:

Authorization for new bank accounts
Authorization of changes in signers of bank accounts
Approval of transfers of cash between accounts
Authorization for purchases of major equipment, or major expenditures
Approval of the annual budget
Acceptance of monthly treasurer’s report
Acceptance of monthly interim financial statements from the management company
Approval of the annual audit or review report and tax return
Authorization for an officer of the Association to sign the annual income tax returns
Documentation of board actions and responses with respect to the accountant’s management letter that accompanies the annual audit report
Collection actions (authorization to lien member property, authorization to foreclose on member property)
Documentation of board decisions regarding insurance coverage
Adoption of a conflict of interest policy
Authorization of contract for preparation of a reserve study
Authorization of reserve expenditures
Adoption of reserve policies
Adoption of Revenue Ruling 70-604 Election (This election should be made annually and should preferably be made at the annual membership meeting, then ratified at a Board of Directors meeting.)